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My name is Ivan. I write about Data Science, Product Analytics and other exciting things.

Aggregation bias in A/B tests

There are a few types of statistical errors: Type I - you reject a true Null Hypothesis Type II - you accept a false Null Hypothesis Let's say you are free of these types of errors. You… Read Article →

How to prioritise everything in Data Science

Data Science is a very vague term. Companies define it very differently and it depends on a field and size of the data team. Data Science can be a product, play a crucial role in product… Read Article →

Knowledge is a jigsaw puzzle

We all have a personal perception of a learning process - how it starts, continues and when we understand that "we're ready". Step by step we dig into books, lectures, essays, courses and… Read Article →

When Data Science Turns Into Homoeopathy

WARNING: this post is not about real "homoeopathy". It's a metaphorical term I just use when people think that being a bit data-driven should fix their flawed workflow. From the very… Read Article →

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